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All In The Family

This page serves as our introduction of all services currently available and how to contact and schedule foe those services. Reach out today and schedule your appointment.

Elijah Logo.JPEG

NF3 (Never Fail) Barbershop-A1

Never Fail 3 Barber Shop provides Full-Service barbering services to all his clients. Never Fail 3 has a proven track record of providing premium service to all his clients. Eli offers full service barbering options to all client. As the name suggests we have "Never Failed" to strive for customer satisfaction. Schedule your appointment today.

Contact: 832-785-6653

Booking: By Phone

Hair Model

Styles by NiMarie-D2

Styles by NiMarie is a Dynamic Hair Stylists and offers a wide range of hair care and styling services. Silk Press, Sew-ins (Closure/Traditional), Quick Weave, Bob-Cut, Wig Install just to name a few. NiMarie has decades of experience and demonstrates in with every style.  


Contact: 630-615-9726


Check out Our IG: _onlynimarie

Kultured by Beauty-D2

Kultured by Beauty offers Braiding services to fit every need. Box Braids, Feed-n Braids, Triangle Box Braids, Passion Twists, Knotless Braids and much much more. 

Contact: 832-404-4824

Check Out Our IG: @Kulturedbeauty2023

Booking: By Phone

Natural Beauty
Hair Model

Galore X Legendary-C4

If you are looking for a legendary Hair Stylists, look no further. Galore X Legendary offers all the Hair Care services you need to make a "Legendary" Statement. Galore X Legendary offers, but is not limited to, Hair Cutting, Hair Color, and Natural Hair Services (including Loc treatment, styling and re-twists). 

Check out our IG: @Galorexlegendary

Booking info:

Contact Us: 346-297-5218


DC Logo.jpg

All Sports BarberShop-B1

DC has more than 20 years of experience and provides services for all ages. Please reach out to book your appointment today. ​ Check out his IG: Contact: 832-722-4263 Booking: By Phone

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Bright White Logo.jpg

Bright White Smile Teeth Whiting- C3

"Come In and Leave with a Brighter, Whiter Smile"I have 18 year's experience in the dental field and would love to brighten up you day. Make your appointment today!!

IG: _bright.white.smiles


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B Nova Experience- C5

B Nove Experience has the experience you need to produce the style you want. More than 10 years on hair health and styling. Please contact them today for your hair care needs. ​Check out her


Contact: 219-617-3799


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Jays Cuts Logo.jpg

Jay's Cutz -A2

Jay has more than 20 years' experience and is a Master Barber. Very receptive to his customers' needs and produces a quality cut every time. 

Check out his IG:

Contact: 317-358-0835



Nathaniel The Barber-A5

Nathaniel  The Barber is a great barber that offers  full service to all his clients including Hydro-Therapy beard treatments, Hot Towel Straight Razor Shaves and precise detailed hair cuts.

Check out Our IG: Nathaniel_the-barber_1

Booking: (Booksy) Nathaniel The Barber

Vy Permanent Beauty-B2

Vy is one of our very talented permanent Beauty experts. Vy specializes in 3D Microblading, Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lips/Lip Liner, Pedicure/Manicure and much more. She is located in suite B2. Please reach out and book with her today.

Check out her IG:

Contact: 407-881-9094

Booking: By Phone


Nailed By Isabella-D4

Isabella is one of our very talented Acrylic Specialists that is located in Suite D4.


Check out her IG: 

Contact: 346-610-6404



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